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 Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (Klassiker)

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★ Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken ★

The story, roughly written at the beginning, starts with a young kid named Dai remembering a story told to him by his adoptive grandfather, the monster magician Brass, about the defeat of the Demon King Hadlar by the hands of a hero who, as the story progresses, is known to be Avan (with whom he would train shortly afterwards). Avan, however, did not fight alone: by his side, a warrior by the name of Loca, a priestess named Leyra and a magician known as Matoriv would fight to free the world from the tyranny of Hadlar, granting all kingdoms a season of peace that would last for 10 years.

After the defeat of the Demon King Hadlar, all of the monsters were unleashed from his evil will and peace reigned supreme around the world once again. Some of those monsters and demons, freed now from Hadlar's command, moved to the island of Delmarin to live in peace. Dai, the young protagonist of the series, is the only human living on the island. Having been raised by the kindly monster magician Brass (Burasu in the Japanese version) and with his best friend Gome (a play of words for "Golden Metal Slime"), Dai grows up to dream of becoming a hero, even despite the efforts of Brass to train him -without success- into the ways of a magician.

Some events would happen on this island which would strengthen Dai's dream of becoming a true hero. One of these events is the visit of some false heroes who wanted to kidnap Gome for riches and wealth, while another is the visit of the princess of Papunika, Leona, who had to finish a ritual in Delmarin to become a true heiress to the throne. Albeit these events would strengthen and develop the character of Dai into a hero, the true story begins when a very special person arrived at the island to meet with Dai: Avan, instructor of heroes, who by Leona's request, came to the island to teach Dai the ways of a true hero.

Alongside Avan came a young apprentice by the name of Pop, who in time would become Dai's best friend and a magnificent magician, growing up from being a cowardly companion to a brave, young ally. Avan offered Dai a full week training which, due to its difficulty, would create a hero out of him. Dai, with no doubt in his heart, accepted happily to undergo the hardships of such training which involved, asides of magic and tactical combat, the secret sword techniques of Avan: "Cleave The Earth", "Cleave The Sea", "Cleave The Sky" (also known as Earth, Wave, and Sky Slash respectively) and the most powerful of them all which needed the knowledge of the previous ones, "Avan's Strash", which was known to be able to cut everything in its path.

In the middle of such hard training and just having learned the second of the three main cleave techniques, Dai, Pop and Avan were confronted by the Demon King Hadlar, who was supposedly dead. Arrogant as he always was, Hadlar announced to Avan that he worked for an even more powerful King who resurrected him: The Great Demon King Vearn. Avan, weakened by the spells he used to help Dai on his training, confronted Hadlar without success and, to protect his students and get rid of Hadlar at the same time, sacrificed himself with the help of a spell which required no magical power but a person's own life force to be cast called "Megante" (Sacrifice). Sadly, the spell couldn't finish off the Demon King and left Dai, Pop, Brass and Gome to fend for their lives alone.

As Hadlar proceeded to get rid of Avan's disciples, Dai awakened a hidden power within himself which is represented by a strange marking on his forehead (which he used previously on Leona's visit to Delmarin and which is known as the symbol of the Dragon Knight), nearly defeating Hadlar and making the latter flee for his life. Dai, however, decides to leave the island with Pop to defeat Hadlar and his master, The Great Demon King Vearn, avenging Avan and bringing back the peace which now was lost to the world.

Vollständiger Wikipediaartikel
OneManga Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (Derzeit bis Kapitel 258)

Dai (ダイ, Dai?) Voiced by: Toshiko Fujita - 12 year old Dai grew up as the only human on Delmarin island. He gains some fame after defeating a group of fake heroes who had kidnapped his friend Gome. When the Demon King Hadlar is resurrected the previous hero, Avan, comes to help train him to be the next hero. Dai possesses the ability to gain super strength and a better control of magic when the emblem of the dragon appears on his forehead (later in the manga his hand. He is the first Dragon Knight ever to have his crest on somewhere other than his forehead) This strength is due to the fact that he is the son of the Dragon Knight Baran. Dai managed to learn the Earth and Wave Slashes with Avan, but had to acquire the Sky Slash on his own. Notably, Dai can infuse his weapon with magic (Raidein or Mera)to create more powerful sword techniques, such as Flaming Earth Slash. He can do the same thing with his Dragonic Aura, but ordinary weapons cannot take the strain, such as when Hyunkel's Demon Magic Sword broke after Dai performed a crest-assisted Avan Strash. To suit this ability, Dai acquires an orhicalcum sword from the legendary swordsmith Lon Berk, which can take the pressure.
Pop (ポップ, Poppu?) Voiced by: Keiichi Nanba - As the son of the weapons merchant Junk, 15 year old Pop left his home in Lankarks village and decided to become an apprentice of Avan, training to become a magician. He is a specialist on fire spells, mainly those of the Mera (fire spells) type (Mera, Merami and Merazoma) but, as the story progresses, he learns more powerful spells such as Betan (which is a gravity pressure attack) and Medoroa (one of the most powerful spells available, combining the power of Merazoma and Mahyado. It can rip through orhicalcum). He can use Megante and Hyado type spells, too. Later on in the series, Pop becomes a Wiseman, one of the highest class of magicians who can use both attack and healing spells. Throughout the series, Pop uses various weapons, but later on in the series, he acquires a staff from Lon Berk with the same power that rivals Vearn's staff, the ability to turn magic power into attack power. In addition to this, Pop's staff can transform to any shape, which he utilizes effectively in the final battle against Hadlar's Orhicalcum warriors. Pop begins as a coward who runs away from fights, but he later grows as a powerful character throughout the story and gains true courage. Pop falls in love with Maam as the story develops.
Marm (マァム, Maamu?) Voiced by: Miina Tominaga - 16 years old, Maam is the daughter of Leyla and Loca, the priestess and warrior who helped Avan in the original fight against Hadlar. Maam trained under Avan and is proficient with healing spells (Hoimi), but never could successfully learn any offensive ones. After studying under Avan, the latter gave her a magical gun that shoots magic spells, which helped her compensate for her lack of expertise with any of the other schools of magic (which Pop is an expert in.) When the gun gets destroyed she decides to change to another class, fighter, and temporarily leaves the party to train under Brokeena, known as the God of Martial Arts. Under Brokeena, Maam learns one of her ultimate techniques: the refractor fist, an attack that mimics excess use of Mahoimi, which results in the degradation of the opponent's body. Later on in the series, Maam acquires a transforming armor weapon from Lon berk, which allows her to increase the destructive power of her techniques.
Hyunckel (ヒュンケル, Hyunkeru?) Voiced by: Hideyuki Hori - 21 years old, Hyunckel's parents were killed in a monster attack, but one of the monsters took him in and raised him like a son. When Avan killed Hadlar and Hyunkel finds his adoptive father dead, he secretly holds a grudge against Avan, who he believes killed his father. Hyunkel then becomes Avan's first pupil but, after graduating, unsuccessfully tried to kill his teacher with a technique he invented himself, Bloody Scraid. He was then taken in by Myst-Vearn who brought him up to be General of the Immortal Army, one of the six main armies under Hadlar and Vearn's control. Despite being a villian at the early part of a story, Hyunckel wasn't able to bring himself to constantly torture any female characters such as Maam. After discovering that Hadlar had killed his adopted father instead of Avan, he joins Dai's party. Hyunkel originally used a demon magic sword that could transform into armor (Amudo), but Dai broke it when he was fighting Baran. Ever since then, Hyunkel has been using a spear with the same properties and created by the same person. Hyunkel can use all the basic Avan techniques also in addition to Demon Puppet Grab (He learned it from Myst-Vearn). Due to changing his weapon from a sword to a spear, he had to learn Avan's elemental techniques for spears (Avan developed techniques for all sorts of weapons). The new spear techniques he learned are called Thundering Ground Flash (equilavent to the Earth Slash), Echoing Sea Flash (equilavent to the Sea Slash), Sky Flash (equilavent to the Sky Slash). His strongest attack is the Grand Cross (a huge cross shaped attack that utilizes the user's entire life energy storage into 1 massive attack).

Zitat :
Ich habe vor kurzem angefangen den Manga zu lesen. Mich persönlich erinnert Dai sehr an Son-Goku, im allgemeinen erinnert mich der Manga sehr an Dragonball, was mir sehr gefällt. Er ist zwar schon etwas älter und in deutschland wohl nicht so bekannt, dennoch ist er der 10. erfolgreichste Manga ller Zeiten. Reinlesen lohnt sich ...
Fazit: Ein recht lustiger Manga, der stellenweise an den guten alten Manga Dragonball erinnert.
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Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (Klassiker)
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